Grass Harp 004 - Opening

Grass Harp 004
I know somebody who knows somebody

Detel Aurand, Nuno Barroso, Rory Biddulph, Matthias Biermann, Fritz Bornstück, Alex Crocker, James Edmonds, Stephanie Gerner, Petra Graf, Josef Grassl, Antony Hall, Stephan Halter, Lan Hungh, Luzie Kork, Aylin Kowalewsky, Daniel Kupferberg, Marta Leite, Jie Liang Lin, Deborah S. Philips, Robert Prideaux, David Roeder, Sabine Schober, Nina Schuiki, Martin Šindler, Tracey Snelling, Kai Teichert, Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, Deborah Wargon

July 30 – August 6, 2023

ExRotaprint - Atelier James Edmonds
Gottschedstr. 4, 13357 Berlin

Opening Sunday, July 30
Part 1 Atelier: 6 pm – 8:30 pm (Entry Aufgang 2)
Part 2 Garden: 8:30 pm performance by Daniel Kupferberg
a procession from the exhibition in the atelier, down to the garden, with further works

Finissage Sunday, August 6
Part 1 Atelier: 6 pm – 8:30 pm, (Entry Aufgang 2) 
Part 2 Garden: 8:30 pm performance by Lan Hungh, Wolfgang Schwabe, Fumio Okura, Jolon Dixon and Shiomi Kawaguchi 

August 1 – 5, 4 – 6 pm and by appointment 

Grass Harp, formally a brief series of exhibitions in an apartment in Wedding, re-initiates itself as a facilitator of informal artistic experiences and intimate social gatherings. 

A small private studio space in a former print-works, temporarily vacated, provides an unlikely setting for a conglomeration of small scale works by roughly 30 artists and friends. Bringing small objects together in a small room at the end of a corridor, suggests for us something akin to the amateur collection. If not an anonymous archive, perhaps an index of micro-events and everyday occurrences, championing the overlooked, sometimes with a hint of humour, and often with a subtle poetics at play.

Beginning with a few small works in our own humble collection, the idea promptly turned outwards to the many people we find a connection to through our practices. Like any group show the individual works can be taken as single events referring to a wider context (whether artist/originator or subject/cultural surroundings) which in turn form unexpected dialogues. We like to think of these fragments also as a simple working methodology in itself, one that gathers both people and objects together and lets things speak of their own materiality and essence.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a booklet edition of related images from each artist. Depictions of the exhibited artworks will be in the form of a sticker collection, which can be added to the booklet as one chooses.

During the opening, at 8:30pm visitors will be led by a performance by Daniel Kupferberg, back down the corridor, out across the yard and into the garden area at the back of the building complex. There we will continue the second part of the evening with further works installed between the trees.
As in all Grass Harp events, food and drinks will be provided and visitors are encouraged to relax and sit a while with the works.

For wheelchair access or directions please call:
0177 4906218 / 0176 47350798