Grass Harp 002 Daniel Kupferberg

Grass Harp 002
Daniel Kupferberg - Speicher:

Friday 5th May
Opening 6 - 10pm

f.b event

6th May – 7th July by appointment 

In the second edition of Grass Harp the Danish artist Daniel Kupferberg will show a selection of sketchbooks, booklets, calendars, portfolios, publications etc., collectively referred to by the artist as books+ and dating as far back as his early 90's school days in the Stjernekvarter area of Aalborg (DK). For this occasion Kupferberg has built various hanging, standing and mobile furniture sculptures to house this (in)accessible selection, which he has been involved with over the years.

The exhibition is accompanied by Grass Harp edition 002, an extensive overview of all books+ catalogued on loose concertina foldouts collected in a slipcase and published in collaboration with Eigenverlag - Kupferberg's own personal imprint. It comes with the intent to be complemented by additional pdf files which will be sent out to each owner of an edition as the collection of books+ expands over time.

During the exhibition there will be a programme of talks, performances and workshops with musicians, artists, theoreticians and other writing/notating colleagues (to be announced), as well as presentations of new publications by Eigenverlag. 

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(unfortunately no wheelchair access)